Open Letter to Governor Holcomb, Lt. Governor Suzanne Crouch, President Pro Tem Rodric Bray, and House Speaker Todd Huston

Dear Public Policy Leaders,

We write today highly concerned about your plans during the upcoming special session to, as Governor Holcomb publicly described it, “make progress in protecting the sanctity of life in Indiana” in the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court’s June 24, 2022, decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Actions to further restrict the reproductive rights of Hoosier women would create inequity in their access to healthcare, position Indiana as an unwelcome place to live and work, and make it harder for us to compete for talent already in short supply.

As representatives of some of the most impactful companies currently operating in Indiana, we fuel the state’s economy. We strongly urge you to consider all that is at stake should you take this action.

Without fair, equitable, and timely access to safe healthcare for all Hoosiers, our ability to maintain operations—let alone grow here will be severely compromised. We cannot attract and retain top talent without an inclusive environment where all Hoosiers feel safe and protected. Further restrictions on reproductive health will make Indiana an impossible choice for companies committed to building inclusive workforces.

Fearing your legislative plans, women business owners, executives, and rising leaders are already preparing to move out of state. In an era of remote work, talented individuals have myriad options for where they choose to live. Indiana cannot afford discriminatory public policy that could deter those individuals from choosing our state.

For decades, Indiana has successfully attracted new businesses and helped others expand here because of its nationally-competitive business environment. Diminishing women’s reproductive rights will do irreparable and immediate harm. We urge you to refrain from any action regarding further restrictions on Hoosier women’s reproductive rights.


Jenny Vance, SalesJen, Founder & CEO

Roger Deetz, IN Tech for Progress, CEO and Founder

Lindsay Tjepkema, Casted, CEO & Co-Founder

Robin Fleming, Evolv Tech, CEO - (& Co-Founder, Anvl)

Jenn Lisak Golding, Sapphire Strategy, CEO

Sarah Lacey, Linking Indy Women, Founder

Christine Novak, Emarsys, an SAP Company, SVP Revenue, Country Manager

Joanna Milliken, Emarsys, CEO

Melanie Allen, Green Loop Marketing, CEO & Co-Founder

Aimee Kandrac, WhatFriendsDo, CEO

Robert Kobek, CustomerCount and Mobius VP, LLC, President

Amy Brown, Authenticx, CEO and Founder

Sarah Lacey, Linking Indy Women, Founder

Chris Byers, Formstack, CEO

Jonathan Gandolf, The Juice, Founder & CEO

Christopher Lucas, Shaker, CEO

Michael Burton, Stitch, CEO

Jeff Ton, Ton Enterprises LLC, President

Ben Pippenger, Zylo, Chief Business Development & Strategy Officer

Matt Tyner Jr, Wunderkind, Vice President, People Operations & General Manager, Indianapolis

Douglas Rowe, Profyletracker, Owner

Max Yoder, N/A, Entrepreneur

Luke Jacobs, Encamp, CEO

Megan Glover, 120Water, Co-Founder & CEO

Mark Lilien, Textline, Inc, CTO & Co-Founder

Mary Kay Huse, Mandolin, CEO & Co-Founder

Meghann York, SAP, Senior Vice President, Product Marketing

Jon Gilman, Clear Software, Founder and Former CEO

Brian Powers, Ironclad, GM

Tina Hafer, Innovatemap, Executive Partner

Wendy Noe, Dove Recovery House for Women, CEO

Murph Krajewski, Textel, CMO

Nicholas Taylor, netlogx, Partner

Angie Stocklin, One Click, Co-Founder

Audrey Taylor, netlogx, CEO

Amy Oviedo, Recruiting Experiences, CEO and Founder

John Ellis, IN Tech for Progress, CTO

Leslie Bailey, Maven Space, CEO

Rupal Thanawala, Individual, Individual

Katie Abernathy, Alpha Gamma Delta International Women's Fraternity, Executive Director

Heather Brogden, Porch Marketing, Owner & Creative Director

Derrin Slack, ProAct Indy, CEO

Karen Maginn, GL Marketing, President

Matt Hunckler, Powderkeg, CEO

Mendy Werne, BLASTmedia, CEO

Joshua Driver, Selflessly, CEO

Denise Herd, Herd Strategies, President

Conner Burt, Lessonly, Co-founder and President

Rae Hostetler, Hostetler Public Relations, Owner and President

Dave Duke, MetaCX, Co-Founder

Shawna Lake, Deep End Talent Strategies, Founder

Crystal Grave, CAG Strategies, Founder and CEO

Cheryl Reed, ReedRight Communications, President/Owner

Laura Musall, CoolRevolution, Founder

Santina Sullivsn, Sullivan Consulting, President

Al Carroll, IndyHub, President & CEO

David Hochoy, Dance Kaleidoscope, Artistic Director

Alison Martin, Engage Mentoring, Founder

Meredith Gradle, Iris Works, CEO

Alex Perry, Practically Speaking, LLC, CEO

Karen Jung, Nextech, President

Kyle Lacy, Seismic, SVP of Marketing

Eric Tobias, High Alpha, Partner

Kelly Frank, Social Legends LLC, President

Steve Pruden, Studio Science, CEO

Meghann York, SAP, Senior Vice President, Product Marketing

Sunny Lu Williams, TechServ Corporation, CEO

Matthew Gonzales, Matinee Creative, Owner

Kristen Cooper, The Startup Ladies, CEO & Founder

Raquel Richardson, Individual, Individual

John McDonald, NEXT Studios, Managing Entrepreneur

David Kerr, Allos Ventures, Managing Director

Lee Eisenbarth, MomentPath, Chief Experience Officer

Ashley Walsh, Shaker, Co-Founder/CRO

Rachel Johnson, Threefold, CMO

Caitlin Coffman, MomentPath, Founder and CEO

Scott Jones, Dedicated My Life to Massive Progress for Hoosiers, Doer

TJ Wright, Indiana Pride of Color, Inc., Board President

Jessica Fentz, The StartUp Accelerator, Inc. dba The Speak Easy, Chief Community Officer

Amber Fields, TrueU, Chief Culture Officer