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Local group launches organization to increase political engagement in tech community

INDIANAPOLIS — September 22, 2020 — IN Tech for Progress, launches a non-profit organization with the mission to organize motivated people in Indiana’s tech community to be more engaged politically.

Founded in August 2020, IN Tech for Progress is led by founder and CEO Roger Deetz with a general belief that there are many like-minded members of the tech community who want to affect change, but don’t know best how to get involved. They have skills and resources that could make an impact if they were applied with focus.

“This year has delivered one challenge after another, and I know many people who desperately wanted change, but weren’t sure where to start. People in the tech community are familiar with the need to prioritize among a long list of good ideas, and I thought if we could organize and prioritize, we would be able to apply a lot of energy,” said Roger Deetz.

According to Deetz, the focus of the group is built on three pillars: (1) identify policies that we want to change and organize our members to support those policies (2) connect members with skills to organizations and causes that could benefit from those skills (3) identify opportunities to volunteer, mobilize, and donate in support of inclusive causes and connect our members to those opportunities.

For 2020, IN Tech for Progress is partnering with organizations throughout Indiana to deploy technology to keep Hoosiers informed while voting and help protect the integrity of this year's election.

“Our vision is the more Indiana can be a welcoming place for all, and the more we can invest in making our community equitable and prosperous for all, the better Indiana will be for current and future generations”, said Deetz. “This group brings together folks who want to see this vision of the future become real, and it gives them tools and organization to act”.

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